The warm weather awakens a lot of insects, from their period of winter stasis, and none more irritating to many, than ants.  While there are many species of ants, the most successful pest ant in our region is the Odorous House Ant.  These guys make long trails, stretching across yards, decks, sidewalks, wires, trees, bushes, and all over the exterior and interior of your home.   Their exterior nests are many, often numbering in the dozens over a large yard (or a row of you and your neighbor’s yards) and they move frequently.  It is their habit of moving so often, that makes them so tricky. They may get attacked, have their shallow nest flooded, or encounter some condition they find unappealing and they just pick up shop and move to another spot in your yard or your HOME.  In fact, your home provides and ideal nesting site because the rains don’t flood out their nest, robbing them of shelter and depleting their food stores.  They will eat your food,  but their main reason for being inside is because it’s usually a great place to live, making nests in your walls and between your floors.  If you use the wrong material to control them, you will make them worse, so give us a call and we’ll come out and evaluate your situation, if you’ve had enough.

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    I love the service and attention to detail. They treated my home like it was there own"

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