Seasonal Pests – Winter

As the weather gets colder, rodents find food more scarce outside and start looking around your home for ways inside, to see what you have to offer. The mild winter and subsequent hot summer have created conditions that are ripe for rodent procreation. We have been receiving a steady stream of rodent calls, all winter long, which is usually a relatively quiet season for them. This leads us to believe that we can expect a lot of home invasion, by these guys, as food gets scarce. American Pest Control recommends taking a walk around the outside of your home, townhouse, etc to look for openings that allow entry and seal them or arrange for them to be repaired/sealed.DO NOT use expansion foam; it is messy and rodents can chew right through it. We recommend Stuff-it, a copper mesh, similar to steel wool, but it does not oxidize and crumble so easily and duct putty. Any opening greater than 1/4 inch is sufficient to allow a mouse and 3/4 inch for rats. If you would like, you can contact American Pest Control to get a free evaluation of your home for rodent vulnerability.


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  • ~ Blanca (Gaithersburg MD)

    I love the service and attention to detail. They treated my home like it was there own"

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