Identify a Pest

Bed Bug


A female bed bug can lay up to 500 eggs in her lifetime, so early detection and treatment is an important step to ridding yourself of this nightmare.

Box Elder Bug

Box Elder Bugs

They seem to just appear overnight but they have been in all of the cracks and crevices of your home all winter. They live in the wall voids and in every crevice your home…

Carpenter Ant

Carpenter Ants

Possibly one of the most underestimated wood-destroyers in our region, the carpenter ant is both a nuisance and with potential for extensive wood damage…

Carpenter Bee

Carpenter Bees

Several generations of Carpenter bees can occupy a nest for up to 14 years. The hole is a nest. After the opening, they make a 90 degree turn and continue inside the wood…



There are two main varieties of crickets, the cave cricket and field cricket. The cave cricket is the light brown monstrosity that you see on the walls, floors, and sometime…



This 1 inch black to brown bug with a large pincer on their rear are fearsome looking but harmless. They lived mostly in mulch beds, behind tree bark, and under slabs, slate…



Very small brown to black insects with incredible jumping ability and aggressive biting tendencies, they guys can drive you nuts. If you have a pet, the pest must…



Moths are a source pest. By this we mean that the kind of moths you will be dealing with as a regular interior pest will most likely be one of two types…



Small rodent, grey to grayish brown, usually with rounded ears sticking up at the back of the head. A thin tail and sometimes having a white belly and feet…



Cockroaches are one of the most pervasive insects in the United States known to infest residential and commercial establishments. There are hundreds if not thousands…



With over 12,000 species of termites known to man, the upper east coast is more familiar with the subterranean termite which lives underground and feeds on…


Bees and Wasps

Wasps are the prevalent stinging insect in this area for the spring and summer. The only bees we have in our area are honey, carpenter…

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