Green Pest Control

American Pest Control is Green

At American Pest Control, we provide green pest control services that are environmentally conscious yet do not compromise the effectiveness of our treatments. However, being green doesn’t stop at using materials in an environmentally safe manner and avoiding use of chemicals that may be toxic to humans, so here our definition of being green:


What is Green Pest Control?

Green is providing a paper, plastic and metal recycling program at our office with designated bins for all the applicable materials. This includes large commercial shipments of boxes which are broken down for county pick up.

Green is recycling unused portions of pest control mixtures into communal reservoir barrels.

Green is operating a paperless handheld routing system with internet access to customer account information and schedules.

Green is using e-contracts whenever possible to save paper and allow for rapid customization of the treatment plans.

Green is replacing our fleet of cars with hybrids as the conventional vehicles fail.

Green is having 50% of our offices’ electricity needs derived from wind-power. We are working towards 100%.

Green is providing uniform laundering services to our field employees so they don’t waste time, energy, water and electricity at home.

Green is using ta low impact control option to target your pest, with judicious use of EPA approved products and unrestricted products wherever appropriate.

Green Pest Control Services

For residential pest control, the materials that we apply are heavily regulated and extremely diluted with up to 90-95% water. Technicians handle the toxic concentrates when mixing and they are trained to apply these mixtures correctly and efficiently so there is no danger to the non-target organisms. If these mixtures were non-toxic, as some companies lead you to believe, they would not kill anything, let alone your target pests. The true secret to a green pest control applications is the right approved material, applied in the lowest volume, to the least amount of area to achieve the desired results.

American Pest Control is pleased with our current green efforts, but is always looking for new ways to serve our customers and our planet. Please contact us with any ideas you may have in which we can become a greener pest control company. Help us tread as lightly as we can on the planet. Customers seeking green services for their home or business should consider what being “green” truly means.

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