How Bedbug Infestations Occur

Sleeptight Bedbug Guide
  1. Bedbugs are gifted hitchhikers.
    It only takes one fertile female or a few tiny eggs to adhere to a suitcase, a backpack, or the bags and cases we all carry around with us. It can be local or international travel. Bedbugs can come from a hotel, even one of the nicer ones, a house where one of the kids spent the night, or visitors to your home who picked up a bedbug hitchhiker without realizing it.

  2. Buying/accepting a used mattress, bedding, or furniture.
    Even a well-meaning friend or acquaintance may not be able to say, with absolute certainty, that a secondhand item is bedbug-free.

  3. They frequently lay eggs in cracks and crevices.
    They have, however, been found all over houses. They drop off of infested furniture that is moved, when the bedding is being changed and carried through the house, and so on. If an egg or insect gets on your children's stuffed toys, pillows, or blankets, and they move to other rooms because they are being bitten, they may be inadvertently spreading the bedbugs. They may even take them to grandma's house when they visit.

  4. Bedbugs thrive where people are in close quarters.
    Places with lots of stuff (clutter) and a constant stream of people coming and going are more prone to infestation. Apartments and condos are at higher risk because of the fluctuation of population, movement of furnishings, and the fact that bedbugs can travel in the void between the walls. Whole apartment buildings have been infested when someone takes an infested mattress down to the dumpster, dropping eggs or insects all along the way.

  5. The people or places that have bedbugs cannot be stereotyped.
    Bedbugs do not discriminate; they can be found in any neighborhood, and a place does not have to be dirty to be at risk for bedbug infestation. They can be found virtually anywhere: in private homes, nursing homes, hotels, many apartments, and condos. Reports across the country indicate that no place is beyond their reach, including office buildings, schools, and firehouses. Bedbugs will follow their food, humans, wherever they may go.

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