Bedbug Treatment

don’t have to throw away furniture. You don’t have to have multiple treatments.  And you can get a One Year Guarantee! There is a lot of information here on the website and there are knowledgeable people available to talk to you when you call our office. We can help. We may not be the lowest bidder, but if you need to solve your bedbug problems, we are equipped to work with you.


Canine Bedbug Inspection

Accurate Bedbug Diagnosis

An accurate diagnosis is critical.  American Pest Control will not treat a residence for bedbugs unless we can identify evidence that bedbugs are present.

Discreet Residential and Commercial Bedbug Inspection

Inspections by our bedbug sniffing dog can provide a level of assurance and a tangible show of due diligence on the part of property managers.  Though we can’t disguise our vehicles, we are willing to cover up company logos/labels on uniforms and obscure tools upon request….a touch appreciated by some of our commercial clients.

Commercial Bedbug Treatment

Bedbug Treatments For The Hospitality and Hotel Industry

There is no reason for your hotel to end up as another bedbug infestation news story on the local TV news channel, newspaper or blogoshpere; American Pest Control understands your unique problems and we have the answer to your bedbug nightmare.

Bedbug Treatments For Apartments And Condominiums

Apartments and condominiums are  two of the fastest growing problem areas for bedbug infestations.  If  care is not taken in the inspection stage of your control program, you face a high likelihood of recurrence.  The sooner you take appropriate action and contact the bedbug control experts at American Pest Control, the sooner you can prevent further outbreaks in other, attached homes and recurrences in your home.

Residential Bedbug Treatment

Bedbug Elimination: 100% Guarantee

We have zero tolerance for bedbugs biting you even one more time, and our 1 year bedbug elimination guarantee proves that we are serious about getting rid of your problem.  If you want to know how good a company’s service is, check their guarantee…it says it all.

Dos and Don’ts, If You Have Bedbugs

To often we see people with bedbugs who panic and do things that make the bedbugs worse and cause them to throw away hundreds or thousands of dollars in furniture.  Let our experience keep you from making those costly mistakes.

Bedbug Health Concerns

Get the facts about bedbugs so you can put your concerns and fears into their proper perspective.

How Do Bedbug Infestations Occur?

Getting bedbugs is very easy because you often don’t know the places where you have been exposed until long after you discover the infestation. Most of the time nothing you could have done would have prevented it.

Bedbug Detection

Our highly trained bedbug experts will inspect your home to confirm that evidence of a bedbug infestation is present before we recommend any treatment to be performed;  treating for bedbugs “just in case” is not only unethical, it is unhelpful.

Bedbugs Facts and Fiction

In our lifetime, bedbugs have not been this common of a problem; so why are bedbugs infestations popping up everywhere now?

Fascinating Bedbug Biology

They don’t fly or swim, and they’re not even all that fast, but what we do know about them shows why they are spreading so quickly and why they are so challenging to eradicate.

Bedbug Treatments Offered By Our Competitors

Other companies offer their own bedbug treatment, but it may not be the best solution.  Don’t put up with poor bedbug treatments; instead, educate yourself on the various methods available, their effectiveness and their strength’s and weaknesses.

Getting Ready for the Bedbug Treatment

Before any treatment can be done at your residence or place of business, there are a few ways you must prepare to ensure the treatment is effective and productive.

Travel Tips for Preventing Bedbugs

Armed with a little knowledge you can reduce the chances of picking up unwelcome bedbug hitchhikers when you travel or when you are visiting friends and family.

Bedbug CO2

Armed with a little knowledge you can reduce the chances of picking up unwelcome bedbug hitchhikers when you travel or when you are visiting friends and family.

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    "Your office person, Jessica, was the reason I called American Pest Control, because she was so informative and helpful...the other two companies I called, the person who answered didn't appear to know anything other than when someone could come out. " "

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