Service Area

Thank you for your interest in American Pest Control. In order to serve you better, we have put together a map of our current service area. Please take a moment to utilize our map tool to determine if your property fall within our service area. Simple instructions on how to use the map are below.


How to Use Our Map Tool

1. Click HERE to use our service area map tool. The map will open in a new browser tab.

2. On the new map tab there will be a red sidebar. At the top of the sidebar, click on the magnifying glass icon.



3. Type your address is the box that appears, click enter. The map will recenter to the address you entered.


If the map marker falls within the red shaded service area (pictured below), your property is ELIGIBLE for service.


If the map marker does not fall within the red shaded service area (pictured below), your property is NOT ELIGIBLE for service.


Random Testimonial

  • ~ Lindamarie, Washington, DC

    "Your office person, Jessica, was the reason I called American Pest Control, because she was so informative and helpful...the other two companies I called, the person who answered didn't appear to know anything other than when someone could come out. " "

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