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Doug Wade / Owner/Senior Inspector/Bedbug Dog Handler

Preserving our good name is a family value and he is active in the field every day, working tirelessly at doing just that. Accessible, and strongly connected to everything that happens at American Pest Control, he is the voice of reason and where the buck stops.

Doug has 28 years of experience in pest control, termite, and bedbug control and recently has added bedbug dog handling to his skills – you can teach an old dog new tricks!  Between what Doug knows and what our bedbug sniffing canine can smell, there isn’t much that gets missed.

He is the devoted husband of Becky, is known as “Pops” and “Pop-pop” ( by his 2 grandchildren) and when not at work, after his 10 and 12 hour days, he is a serious couch potato with Miss Penny, his little bedbug sniffer, by his side.


Becky Wade / Service Manager

“Talking to our customers is still the most important activity of my day. My goal is smooth internal processes so that pest control is one of the easy painless things in our customers’ lives.”

Because we are a small company, we can make changes and utilize cutting edge technology in a very fluid manner. My specialties are bedbugs and roaches. I am Doug’s wife, Brian & Deana’s mother and a proud grandma.


Brian / Senior Inspector

“Solving pest problems still excites me; each home is a mystery to be unraveled. Whether its bedbugs, rodents, roaches, termites, ants or someone’s mystery bug, knowing I have the skills and 18 years of experience to figure it out, give relevant information and propose a solution is a source of pride for me.”

“Pest control is a crucial public health service and it is too often that I see other operators take their job lightly;  I do not.  When you call me to your home, I come with knowledge and expertise and a recognition that I am there because I know best how to solve your problem.”

Devoted husband, musician, rock climber, mixed martial artist, vegan and bon vivant…yes a vegan pest guy; ask me, I’ll explain.


Deana / Accounting

Being a member of the family makes giving you great service a matter of personal pride. Even though she is the resident bean counter, she doesn’t believe in cutting any corners to give the best service and strives to always provide the best value to our customers.

Currently Deana is the mommy of two miniature dachshunds who are also the office dogs during the day and go home at night. In addition, Deana is a proud new first-time home owner.



Stephanie Caul / Lead Technician/Inspector

Stephanie has a long history with American Pest Control, working up through the ranks;  she started as a technician’s assistant 13 years ago, and has risen to become the Lead Technician and a company officer.   Stephanie has been and continues to be well loved by clients for her endearing manner and seemingly effortless results.

You could miss the expertise because she is so quick but when Stephanie comes to solve a problem, it usually gets fixed and stays fixed. She just knows her stuff and passes it on to the many employees she trains and gets ready for the field.



Suzanne / Bedbug Dog Handler/Inspector/Pest Technician

Suzanne has been with American Pest Control since 2006. She is Brian’s wife and initially started “just to help out” when we were short-staffed, but it turned out that she was really good at it.

“She is a gentle, animal-loving vegan at heart and cares, deeply, about the environment so she approaches her job with all of this in mind; applying the least toxic, most humane and lowest impact applications to control a pest issue. Pest control is a necessity in our cities and suburbs, for public health, and what better way to make sure it’s done responsibly, than to affect the change herself…from the inside.”



Jessica / Customer Service

I have been blessed in finding this job; it was happenstance that, while talking to my friend Brian (McQuaid) that my complaining about my job coincided with their looking for a new person. He told me that he couldn’t guarantee anything more than an interview but that he thought I would be a perfect fit and, as it turns out, I am!

Jessica is, quite possibly, the most sincere and caring person we’ve ever met and that translates in her work…with her co-workers and each and every person on the phone. Jessica’s hobby is her family, with 3 boys between 8 and 11, a teenage girl, two dogs, one cat, 21 chickens and a frog, every minute is filled.



Shala / Customer Service

Little did she know that bugs could be so interesting and complex. Shala made it a point of learning as much about pests and the treatments as she could so she actually HELP people who call us instead of just taking a message. She has now enlarged her role, pitching in for bedbug treatments and inspections. With 6 years experience she knows the answers to your questions and can speak with authority. She really knows her stuff.

Her hobby and passion is horses. She will take any opportunity to be around them. Dedicated mom of 3 children ,ages 7 to 13, and 1 dog. If it were possible there would be another very large dog, a  Chow Chow, and horses.



Billy / Pest Technician

“I was raised in a family that owned a pest control company. I am married with my first son that was born in September of ’10. I like my job and enjoy helping others. I am knowledgeable on how to treat all different types of insects and I like meeting new people.”

All the latest pest technology in the world is pretty much useless if not in the right hands. This is whey Billy’s many years of experience in the pest control field is one of the reasons why we are able to provide effective pest treatments.


Joe / Pest Technician

Pestcentral.com, well-known as APC, is not only beneficial to the tenants of communities, but to the property’s themselves. Our services not only provide treatment to eliminate future outbreaks, involving household bugs, but the treatment eliminates existing situations as well. We provide customer services that give our customers the ability to understand what we do, but also leaves them with a “bug free” home. This job has become very useful and educational to me; It’s great to be able to share my knowledge with other people.



Sam / Pest Technician

I love that we do our best to help our customers. Every one of the company’s main goals are centered around how to give clients the best possible service. All technicians and office personnel support each other and work together to provide top notch service. A positive and friendly environment makes me happy to work here.



Richard / Pest Technician

In a couple of months I will have been at APC for 3 years (as of April of 2015). I worked in a different career most of my life, but never for better people. This family-owned business treats all of their employees like family. It’s like being on a winning team. Not only is this a great place to work, this company will ensure the best service and most effective treatment that can be provided.



Kwame/ Pest Technician


I never knew how critical pest control was until I joined the APC Team.  It’s great to be part of a company that has the experience and know-how to deal with pest issues.  I learn something new, almost every day.


William / Pest Technician

I am from Rockville and have lived there my whole life. I have worked at APC for over a year (as of 2/24/15) and I actually enjoy coming to work; it’s not like just “coming to work”, it’s like arriving at a family get-together. We all work together to get jobs done, teach each other and we take what we learn and educate our clients. I really like that. Because we are small, we are more quick to learn and try things, taking what we learn into our job and to those in need of our services. I just wanna say again…I love that this is a FAMILY company, and we are all treated as so; it makes me able to treat our customers that way too.



Kevin / Pest Technician

Most of my life I’ve been an adventurer and a rambler and while working here, Ive found that the staff at APC really feels like a family. We’re always ready to lend each other a hand with tough jobs and to offer our expertise both to one another, and to our customers. That sense of community makes APC a great team to be a part of.



AJ / Pest Technician

“Nighty-night, don’t let the bedbugs bite”. I thought it was only a silly nursery rhyme. Not until I started working for American Pest Control did I find that bedbugs were real. Now its war against bedbugs, and I am making it my personal mission to help our customer combat these offensive little creatures. The best part of my mission is that I know the team at American Pest Control stands behind me in combating bedbugs, so that our customers never have to find out what it means to say, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite“.




Eric Dyson / Pest Technician

I’d like to be called, “Mr. Search and Destroy”, “The Vaporizer”, or even “Sir Spray and Pray”, but you can call me Eric. I am the newest, but highly motivated recruit with APC! Your pests, I hate them as much as you do…TRUST ME. But I’ve found much joy in this profession in being able to help someone else, and their families, have peace of mind. When I leave your home, you’ll know that Eric came, located the problem, and took all the necessary steps so the issue did not persist. We’re not co-workers, we’re family.



Steve Hauck / In Remembrance of Steve

Steve proudly served American Pest Control for 8 years. In that time he was not only an outstanding inspector, but also a great friend to all who had the pleasure of knowing him. Our office will never be quite the same without his smiling, honest face and we are better for having known him.

Blessings upon he and his family for all time, he will surely be missed but always remembered.



Keith Wims / Termite Inspector/Pest Technician

With termites causing billions of dollars worth of damage to homes throughout the United States, Keith knows all too well how important his position is to home-owners that depend on his keen sense of spotting termites.  Keith has been in most of customer’s homes, many times and yet he remembers the most vivid details about almost all of them and their homes.  It’s his personal touch that, we believe, keeps many of them coming back, again and again.

“I am well aware that homeowners are counting on me to observe any tell-tale signs of termites at their home and I take the responsibility very seriously.”



Ray / Pest Technician

Ray spent two years with APC, previously, and went out to explore the world, then came back to us in 2008. Since returning he has added more skills and become even more versatile; the customers on his route are usually blissfully quiet, because he keeps them happy.

Devoted Raven’s fan…you can see him flying their colors from his gold Suburban all year round…if we’d let him, he would paint his truck purple.


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