The warm weather awakens a lot of insects, from their period of winter stasis, and none more irritating to many, than ants.  While there are many species of ants, the most successful pest ant in our region is the Odorous House Ant.  These guys make long trails, stretching across yards, decks, sidewalks, wires, trees, bushes, and all over the exterior and interior of your home.   Their exterior nests are many, often numbering in the dozens over a large yard (or a row of you and your neighbor’s yards) and they move frequently.  It is their habit of moving so often, that makes them so tricky. They may get attacked, have their shallow nest flooded, or encounter some condition they find unappealing and they just pick up shop and move to another spot in your yard or your HOME.  In fact, your home provides and ideal nesting site because the rains don’t flood out their nest, robbing them of shelter and depleting their food stores.  They will eat your food,  but their main reason for being inside is because it’s usually a great place to live, making nests in your walls and between your floors.  If you use the wrong material to control them, you will make them worse, so give us a call and we’ll come out and evaluate your situation, if you’ve had enough.

Our Bedbug Services

American Pest Control offers comprehensive bedbug treatments for Homes, Hotels, Offices, Apartments, and Condominiums. If you suspect you have bedbugs, give us a call or send us an email, and look over our bedbug information page. You don’t have to throw away furniture. You don’t have to have multiple treatments. And you can get a One Year Guarantee! There is a lot of information here on the website and there are knowledgeable people available to talk to you when you call our office. We can help. We may not be the lowest bidder, but if you need to solve your bedbug problems, we are equipped to work with you.


Roach Treatment

American Pest Control provides a one-of-a-kind approach to roach treatment. And it is not the same for every house and every problem. If you want your roaches to be gone, the species must first be identified, the conditions evaluated and a custom treatment designed for your home or apartment building. The evaluations are FREE as we are quite sure that once you see the level of professionalism and dedication, evident in our representatives, that you will want to use our company. Contact us via email or phone and we’d love to answer any questions or set up an appointment for the free evaluation….our office staff are field-trained too, so you won’t be talking to a secretary!!

What's New At APC

APC BadgeAmerican Pest Control is a local family-owned company. We service Montgomery County Maryland, upper Prince George County Maryland, and Washington DC. We are motivated to do a better job because we are your neighbors. The busy homeowners in our area want to deal with their pest in an efficient manner with local people who will be respectful of their time, their home, and their belongings.

We believe in delivering quality service with utmost respect for your property and family. Our customer bill of rights is a commitment we make to you and your family that says If you have a basement or crawl space, it should be inspected thoroughly. Any evidence found should be shown to you and all treatment options for your home clearly explained. You should provide a graph of your home, with treatment specifications and a contract showing the complete pricing including the warranty period. And above all, you should not be pressured into signing a contract.


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